Despite clear methodological descriptions and making our code and data available, it is still difficult to make our research reproducible. We would like to invite the NLP community to join a discussion on reproducing results from NLP research. One of the main questions we want to address is how we can get a better understanding of our methods through systematic research.

Please visit our website: to join our discussion group or share your experiences and ideas.

…or come and talk to NewsReader team members Antske Fokkens and Marieke van Erp at ACL 2013 in Sofia, where they will present the paper:

Antske Fokkens, Marieke van Erp, Marten Postma, Ted Pedersen, Piek Vossen and Nuno Freire (2013)
“Offspring from Reproduction Problems. What replication failure teaches us”. [preprint]

Fore more information, see the announcement below: