Offspring from Reproduction Problems (invitation to discussion and announcement ACL presentation)

Despite clear methodological descriptions and making our code and data available, it is still difficult to make our research reproducible. We would like to invite the NLP community to join a discussion on reproducing results from NLP research. One of the main questions we want to address is how we can get a better understanding […]

Antske Fokkens to present at Annual Network Institute Event

Antske Fokkens will present at the Annual Network Institute Event on July 4. During this event, the different groups working together in the interdisciplinary Network Institute at VU University will come together to exchange their research ideas and results. Antske will describe her attempts at reproducing some research published by others in her field, using […]

Slides “From Events to Stories: Different ways of structuring the same bag of events over time”

The slides of Marieke van Erp’s presentation at the Soeterbeeck eHumanities workshop are now online on slideshare.

NERD-ML 2nd in MSM2013 Concept Extraction Challenge

Together with Giuseppe Rizzo and RaphaĆ«l Troncy from EURECOM, NewsReader team member Marieke van Erp participated in the MSM2013 Concept Extraction Challenge with a system called NERD-ML. This system was developed to identify and classify named entities in microposts (Tweets). Their system ranked 2nd in the challenge, only 0.01 points in F-score behind the best […]

NewsReader at PoliMedia Symposium

On Wednesday 23 January, Marieke van Erp presented the NewsReader project at the PoliMedia symposium at VU University Amsterdam. Slides are below.