Computational Models of Narrative (CMN’14)

Last week the 2014 Workshop Computational Models of Narrative took place in Quebec City, Canada and Marieke was there to present and discuss ideas for shaping the NewsReader narratives. This year’s workshop had a special focus on Neuroscience, but really all sorts of domains got covered in the three day workshop. Whilst at first some of the topics seemed quite far from NewsReader (after all, it is rather unlikely that we will put people in fMRI scanners to measure their appreciation of…

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NewsReader World Cup Hack Day

A long time ago*, in a galaxy far, far away** we ran the NewsReader World Cup Hack Day. *Actually it was on the 10th June . **It was in the Westminster Hub, London. The NewsReader project has been running for about 18 months, so we are half way through. We’d always planned to use Hack Days to showcase the technology we have been building and to guide our future work. The World Cup Hack Day was the first of these…

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