Next week NWR will be represented at ISWC 2013 by Luciano Serafini, Willem Robert van Hage, Thomas Ploeger and Marieke van Erp.

Your greatest chances of running into these NWR team members will be at the following sessions:

On Monday: Marieke is co-organising the Linked Science workshop, which this year has a special focus on reproducibility, scientific investigations and experiments. Don’t miss out on Carole Goble‘s keynote there!

On Monday afternoon Marieke and Willem are co-organising the DeRiVE 2013 workshop, in which Thomas will present “Extractivism: Extracting activist events from news articles using existing NLP tools and services” and Willem will present “A case study on automated risk assessment of ships using newspaper-based event extraction”. The keynote in this workshop will be given by Emanuele Della Valle.

On Wednesday night, we will present the grounded annotation framework during the poster session. Check out the trailer here.