AI challenge on SemEval2018

How to detect events in the news and count them?

We are running a new AI challenge on SemEval2018:

Task 5: Counting events and event participants in news articles with a very ‘long tail’. If you are interested and if you want to try this, check out:…/

AI truly tested!


NewsReader workshop/hackathon announcement on VU Faculty of Humanities website (Dutch)

See the announcement on the VU Faculty of Humanities website (Dutch).

NewsReader at European Data Forum

Come check out the NewsReader stand at European Data Forum today and tomorrow.

At the stand you can see our demos, pick up a brochure, find out more about our upcoming events and grab a bag of our limited edition NewsReader winegums!


Workshop and Hackathon November 2015: Car Wars – Industrial Heroes Going Down Fighting

On 24 and 25 November 2015, we will showcase the NewsReader project and invite you to come explore our technology and its results yourself during our NewsReader Workshop and Hackathon.

Our dataset encompasses 12 years of news charting the struggle of automotive players to rule the global market, to satisfy […]

NewsReader at ISWC

With Semantic Web technology being a huge part of NewsReader, it is no wonder that we will showcase some of our technology at the 14th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) next week in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Here’s a roundup of the sessions in which NewsReader is involved.

Sunday 11 October

The third NLP&DBpedia workshop (location: RBC […]

Amsterdam Hackathon Recap

On January 21st, the second NewsReader hackathon and the first part of our Y2 user evaluation took place at the Amsterdam Public Library. For the hackathon, around 30 participants from research groups, as well as companies, public institutions and even some students came to the 6th floor of the Amsterdam Public Library. The participants […]

NewsReader: the developers story

Our role at ScraperWiki is in providing mechanisms to enable developers to exploit the NewsReader technology, and to feed news into the system. As part of this work we have developed a simple REST API which gives access to the KnowledgeStore, the system which underpins NewsReader. The native query language of the KnowledgeStore is […]

Diving into the NewsReader data

What could you do to unlock the potential of six million automotive news articles? Together with the rest of the NewsReader consortium, SynerScope will organize two hackathons where you can showcase your skills. The hackathons will take place the 21st and the 30th of January in Amsterdam and London respectively.

Participating hackers will be able […]

More than a waste paper bin: the data for From Porsches to Pizza

A car metaphor seems in place to start: the NewsReader engine is a true gas guzzler, with an extreme thirst for raw data. We quenched this thirst by selecting and delivering several millions of news articles covering the global automotive industry for the NewsReader infrastructure to process and enrich.

A big chunk of […]

The Technology Behind “From Porsches to Pizza”

On 21 and 30 January 2015, the NewsReader team will organise hackathons in Amsterdam and London, respectively. During these hackathons, participants will get to explore information that was extracted from several millions of news articles about the global automotive industry using the NewsReader pipeline. In this blog post, we’ll explain the technology behind the NewsReader […]