Hack Day

London Hackathon

Which cars crash most? Which automobile companies had to recall their cars over the last ten years and how does current news relate to news in the financial automobile industry domain from the last ten years? On Friday 30 2015 three teams tried to answer these questions during the NewsReader Hack Day in London. At the foot of the Big Ben (to be precise, at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), participants explored NewsReader’s analyses of 1.3 million articles about…

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NewsReader: the developers story

Our role at ScraperWiki is in providing mechanisms to enable developers to exploit the NewsReader technology, and to feed news into the system. As part of this work we have developed a simple REST API which gives access to the KnowledgeStore, the system which underpins NewsReader. The native query language of the KnowledgeStore is SPARQL – the query language of the semantic web. The Simple API provides a set of predefined queries which are easier for end users to work…

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