NWR’s favourite ACL papers

Several NewsReader members attended ACL 2013 to present their own work [1] [2] [3] and to see what other colleagues in the field are working on. Here is a small selection of papers that are related to the NewsReader project and from which we are drawing inspiration for the next steps in our project.

Recognizing […]

FBK Workshop “Perspectives on Events”

Since one of the goals of NewsReader is to extract information on events from large streams of news and build structured indexes for decision making in the financial and economical domain, it is crucial to define what an event is. Although the notion of event has long been central for both modeling the semantics of […]

CfP: Detection, Representation and Exploitation of Events on the Semantic Web (DeRiVE 2013)

Events are at the heart of many of our daily information sources, being microposts, newswire, calendar information or sensor data. For detecting, representing and exploiting events in these sources, different research communities are each trying to resolve a small part of this puzzle. The goal of this workshop is to bring together those different areas […]

Marieke van Erp to present NewsReader at Soeterbeeck eHumanities workshop

On Friday June 14, Marieke van Erp will give a talk titled “From events to stories: different ways of structuring the same bag of events over time” at the Soeterbeeck eHumanities Workshop.

The full programme can be found here, and this is the abstract of her talk:

From events to stories: different ways of structuring […]