NWR’s Enlighten Your Research 4 blog post

The NewsReader consortium is currently preparing a full proposal for Enlighten Your Research 4 (EYR4). Participating in EYR4 would provide us with more computing power, and also very important, advice from the experts running these big machines on how to best use this computing power. During the competition every finalist (i.e. team who made it through the first round) is invited to write a blog post for SurfNet about the project. This morning NewsReader’s post was published.

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NERD-ML 2nd in MSM2013 Concept Extraction Challenge

Together with Giuseppe Rizzo and Raphaël Troncy from EURECOM, NewsReader team member Marieke van Erp participated in the MSM2013 Concept Extraction Challenge with a system called NERD-ML. This system was developed  to identify and classify named entities in microposts (Tweets). Their system ranked 2nd in the challenge, only 0.01 points in F-score behind the best system. NERD-ML is built on top of the NERD framework developed at EURECOM that makes it possible to easily query different named entity extractors that are available on the web. With NERD-ML, this framework…

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